Hot Shot Sports Training was started on a simple premise: Improve a player’s skills and confidence and results will follow.  These two attributes, skills and confidence, have been the hallmark of my training sessions ever since I started working with players in 2005. 

We specialize in personalized basketball shooting analysis for players of all ages and skills levels.


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“Coach Mark is not only a wonderful coach, but an excellent role model for our eleven year old son. He has worked with our son on all of his basketball skills from ball-handling to passing to shooting in a fun and competitive way. His attitude and encouragement have boosted our son’s confidence as well as his skills.  Coach Mark has truly brought out the best in our son!”


“Mark blends his extensive basketball knowledge with a great coaching style. In particular, Mark was quite helpful improving our son's shooting skills.”


"Coach Mark is a GREAT coach. He relates exceptionally well to players at all ages and levels. Mark clearly knows the proper form and techniques to be a sound basketball player, and most importantly, he knows how to teach his students."

Mark Gabriel                     

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Mongomery County, Pennsylvania